Problem Pulling data from Airtable as text, as opposed to ID

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Serious help needed :slight_smile:

I’m creating a product in WooCommerce from AirTable, with the WooCommerce module “create a product”. I first “get a record” from Airtable, and use the data from that module to map into the “create a product” WooCommerce module.

The Airtable records have a number of attributes or fields. Some fields are passed as readable test - for example: attribute Genre: Documentary. Others are passed as IDs (for example: attribute Director: recETfLZwACOrWt7D instead of Steven Spielberg).

How do I get the Airtable to always pass the data as text, as opposed to being ID? I don’T want WooCommerce to display IDs, as it won’t mean anything to the users. I don’t have a mapping of which ID equals which readable text in Airtable, and that makes everything here messy.

See screenshots:
Screenshot 1: How Make sees the Airtable data

Screenshot 2: How Airtable displays the Airtable data

Screensho 3: Scenario

A huge thank you :pray:

Nothing is wrong here- you are reading content of linked field- it store record id’s of records from other table.

Try to add lookup fields for linked records and grab them with Make- it should solve your problem.

Thanks so much for the help! omg - this is so cool :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: