Problem with my filter

I have a priblem with my filter of google sheets, i want show me date from today until tomorrow

this is parameters of my filter

But returns this dates

Why doesn’t it show me the data?

Hi @Angel1 I think the issue is with you dates formats. Looks like in Google sheets you have it set to MM/DD/YYYY - based on your output. This should solve your issue.

Once you confirm this lets update the formatDate.

date & time earlier than
{{formatDate(addDays(now; 1); “MM/DD/YYY”)}}

date & time later than
{{formatDate(now; “MM/DD/YYYY”)}}

Hello, in Google sheets have it set to DD/M/YYYY, in my module get this configurate in filter

But return another date from months, like this

In you first filter above you are not using the datetime operators filter. Please change that and try re running.

I changed it but it still doesn’t work

Can you share another screen shot of your google sheets. Click on the cell with date so that the calendar opens up. Thank you!


I just changed mine to the same as yours:

try this.


This is the screen from my Google Sheets

I change the filter

But it still doesn’t show me the data

But i change the date format to M/D/YYYY and show some correct data but it is not al

These are the correct dates
Screenshot 2024-07-08 at 12.26.06 PM

The thing if the Date & Time is in the same format as submission date than it is in. This is me assuming you use the same date and time formatting across your google sheet.

DD/MM/YYYY format is the format you are getting so the data you received isn’t correct for what you want.

You need to change the format of the formatDate to DD/MM/YYYY.

This is the date format in Google sheets

This is the date format in meke