Datetime operator trouble

I trying to filter via datetime operator but can only get it to work in one particular method but it’s not the desired format.
First, here is the method and format that works:

Screenshot 2023-05-03 at 10.18.21

But as soon as I want to change the format of the date in both Make filter and GSheets it does not work:

Is formated as Date and value is the same as displayed
GSheet cell is formatted as Date and the value is the same as displayed

This is a bit weird and I am entirely not sure if it is the case.

  1. The default date format accepted by Excel via API is MM/DD/YYYY.
  2. However, What Make actually do is perform the date check by fetching all of the rows from the Google Sheets and then perform the test against the date time that you are specifying in the Google Sheets. After which, It again fetches the details using the range value obtained from the internal filter. So, For some reason it always expects the date from Excel to be MM/DD/YYYY which is weird, or maybe it is due to Excel API not returning whether a given column is date or not, thus Make always assumes and validates if the date is specified in the filter, has MM/DD/YYYY as a date format in Excel.

The only way for this to work will be,

  1. To do Text Equals instead of date operator in the filter. However, It will restrict your ability to do greater than or later than the filters available for the date
  2. Change the format to the original one, or have a hidden field to hide the original/default date format
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Thanks for the reply. I have tried before to convert to string but could not make it work, however, it worked now with the following: