Problem with Voiceflow integration

Hello everyone, I’m using a chatbot designed for businesses, mainly in the solar panel installation sector, with an existing configuration that includes:Initial information gathering: The chatbot collects the user’s contact details (name and phone number) : The conversation between the user and the chatbot is captured.Email notification via a Make API call: The user’s contact details and the transcript of the conversation are emailed to the manager and myself, via a configured Make API call.However, I’m looking to improve this system by adding a conversation evaluation function:Conversation evaluation: At the end of the interaction, the chatbot asks the user to rate the quality of the conversation on a scale of 1 to 5. My aim is to integrate this conversation evaluation into the same email as the one sent previously, using a second Make API call. In this way, each email sent would contain not only the user’s contact details and the details of the conversation, but also the user’s assessment of the interaction.
However, when the email is received, the rating given by the user does not appear.
Could you please help me?

Yours sincerely

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blueprint.json (37.1 KB)

They’re the files.


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Where is this data stored? You have to search the Google Sheet for the same User and update the same Row with the evaluation score.

Also, you might be sending the email before the score is received.



What to do?

Yes, the e-mail is sent before the note, unfortunately.

You’ll have to disable the default email and send it yourself using Make, after you have received all the information.


I didn’t quite understand how to do it

For assistance with VoiceFlow settings, you should ask the VoiceFlow community or consult the VoiceFlow help center.

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Sir, I would like to inform you that I have just solved the problem myself thanks to chatgpt. It’s just that the Make API call was at the beginning of the conversation. Everything is back to normal. Thank you for your time and good luck!


Hello @Romain_Brengard welcome to the community :wave:

I just want to quickly say congrats on getting this up and running with the help of @samliew and ChatGPT. Thanks for keeping us posted :pray:

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