Problems logging in with Twitter

Hi, I’d like to set up an automation for a restaurant to be able to post photos or videos to Twitter, but I’m having a problem connecting Make and Twitter, and I am quite sure my login and password for Twitter are correct—the same ones I use to log in to Twitter. And my Twitter account was open at the time I tried to connect Make. I currently have Instagram and Facebook setups working smoothly.

And I’m guessing there’s nothing yet for tick-tock posts or YouTube shorts.?

Thanks for all your help,

scrnli_1_16_2024_10-54-23 AM

This post may help you, as it outlines the current situation with Twitter’s new authentication:

You’ll need to create your own Twitter custom app in the Twitter developer dashboard following this documentation, first “Create Custom App and Client Credentials in Twitter”, then “Connect Twitter to Make” (using the custom app credentials).

You CANNOT connect using your personal Twitter account – this is a restriction imposed by Twitter, and is no way Make’s fault.

For more information, see


Hey thanks a lot I appreciate your help. I’m going to try this out.