๐Ÿ“ธ problems with Woocommerce product creation with .heic images

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I am using the WooCommerce create product module to create products from other shopping systems. All works well but If an image is a .heic file an error is thrown. Any Idea how to prevent this? Is there the possibility to change the file into a .png?

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the source of the image: โ€ฆ/files/1/0601/3209/8266/files/image.heic?v=1683983095

Hi there.

The error message clearly says that you canโ€™t upload the image of this datatype. (I needed to Google-translate it as my knowledge of German is very limited. But the message is clear. It would be great if you could add an English translation next time :slight_smile: ).

The best way to prevent this from happening would be not to try to upload images in this format.

WooCommerce is running on WordPress and as far as I know, without any additional plugins WordPress is capable of working only with the most common image formats (JPG, JPEG, PNGโ€ฆ)

So, the easiest solution for you is to simply not use the .heic format. If you have to use it for some reason, then I would recommend converting it to some more friendly format by using for example CloudConvert before uploading the image to WooCommerce. It should be free and it is easy to use in Make.