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Do you want to promote your services and skills? Or are you looking for an automation expert to help you scale your scenarios? Check out our Hire a Pro category.

Hire a Pro is a category to promote your services or hire an expert. When posting in this category, please choose one of the following tags to specify the nature of the service you offer or inquire:

Educational programs
Choose this tag if you want to introduce your educational content to our community. Remember to include information about:

  • Name of the course and the company
  • Goal of the course
  • Target audience
  • Lenght and price of the course
  • Short description of the content

Professional Services
Under this tag belong all the posts promoting your skills and advertisements to hire a pro to assist with your automations.

Technical Solutions
This tag is for all third-party technical solutions built on top of Make. Don’t forget to share with us:

  • Name of the solution and the company
  • Price of the solution
  • Purpose and capabilities of the solution
  • Technical case and how to install it/get going

Note: Bear in mind, that your topic will be automatically closed after 30 days.

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