Pulling wrong data from sheets and updating wrong

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My goal is to get the right updates with the right data

I love to get help. I’m on the Make course - Basic - Modules, scheduling, and bundles Unit 3. It tells me to update the rows in Google sheets.

Weather produces a bundle
Google Sheets > Creates a row, here is the first incorrect data (sunset in Google sheets is 6:20 and the weather module tells me it’s 8:20). I checked if Google and Make are the same time zone.
Router > just Routing
r1. Google Sheets > Searches for temperature equal to or less than a numeric value of 19 OR checks for status with a text value equal to: Clouds.
r1. Google Sheets > Update row when it should give back in row Suggestion of my Google sheet: Hassan, Jas An!
r2. I cloned route 1 and changed the search for module to: equal to or greater than 20 and changed the update row to: T-Shirt Weer.

When I press run nothing updates from r1. but all suggestions need to be updated. And the bottom rows are updated with the suggestion: T-Shirt Weer. but the queries aren’t met. temperature in B is below 20

for the sake of testing I eliminated the maximum rows update of 3 (Unit 3 says: update a maximum rows of 3, I thought it maybe overwrite r1.) and I added a separator so 20 > 20.00

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Hi there !

It might indeed be a timezone issue. Maybe you should try formatting sunrise date and not juste pasting it in the field. Something like

{{formatDate(1. Sunrise; “YYYY-MM-DD HH:mm:ss”; “Europe/Paris”)}}

Of course you can change the timezone. You can find the list of available timezones here.

The functions can be found in the contextual menu which opens when you click on the field.



Thanks for your quick reply and for taking the time to help me! I checked the timezones, and tried your format of the date. It still doesn’t work. and furthermore, I am telling the filter when it’s colder than or equal to 19 degrees to put on a jacket: Hassan, Jas An! but he doesn’t update the suggestion row. and the other search and update is updating with wrong data =/> 20 degrees. T-Shirt Weer. but It updates the rows with 18 degrees?

So one thing I figured out and @PACbunch you are right with the date formatting. This is working right now.

But I still have the problems with the integers:
<=19 → Hassan, Jas An!
=> 20 → T-Shirt Weer!
I now tried to put the info toString

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This time, I believe it is more a “What kind of data am I manipulating” thing.

If your data comes from the sheet, it is probably a “string” (of characters) rather than a number.

You might wanna try this :



Thanks again @PACbunch

Temperature is already a number, nevertheless I tried it and gives the same output (unfortunately)

Hi again @Boa

I may be wrong, but I have the feeling you might be using the wrong filters.

In that case, filters may apply to both the sheet filters, used to narrow the lines from the sheet, and the flow filters between the modules, used as conditions to route the flow to the right next task.

You seem to be using sheet filters. I believe you’d get more results with the flow filters.

Basically, what you wanna do is running through the lines from your sheet, reading each line one by one. If the corresponding temperature value is below 19 degrees, then you want to update the line recommanding putting on a coat.

Meaning that after each line, you have a router with two as many branches as you have recommandations, each branch consisting of updating the recommandation value from the line you juste read and each branch filtered with numerical operators (lesser than or equal to…). The following task would be updating the cell wearing the clothing recommandation.

However, you didn’t go through the process of reading each line one by one, which means iterating through the lines. I would go with a couple of tools modules : an array agregator, to transform your sheet into an array, and then an iterrator, to read through each line seperately (the array would be consisting of a number of bundles equal to the number of lines).

That’s the logic I would try there.

Hi @PACbunch ,

Thanks for being such a great help and your devotion to the community. Indeed you answered my question, this is the solution. Only this is way ahead of the course I was in. :pray:

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