Google sheets not pulling data properly via Webhook

Hey guys, Make is not properly updating data pulled from a Google Sheet connected via webhook. The session was successfully tested but now for some reason it is showing the data and returns an error when I try to run it.

I built a session to pull data from updated rows in a Google Sheet (watch for changes in D column) to create a new ClickUp task with data from the row where the change was made.

This allows our email calendar to be built out and then for the days that have a campaign, a task is built in ClickUp. The trigger is the change in the “Client Approved” column (also looking for ways to only update when it is changed to “Yes”)

Before, the row values would show values from the sheet, now they are all blank. It used to show them and a task was created but now it won’t refresh google sheet data (I’m guessing that is the issue?)

Webhook was properly connected (it worked before):

Any ideas how to refresh the sheets connection or fix?

Hi @Crw06,

There could be several things at the minute. The error that is running claiming that there is no parameter for ‘name’ could mean that the column you listed as the same of the item on your Google Sheet is blank and therefore unable to determine the row it is on. That will cause make to not be able to determine which value in the D columns was updated correctly.

An easy way to refresh the connection could just be going to the connection in your scenario, removing it, and connecting it again. Or go to your connections page, delete it, and set it up again.

Without being able to see the whole scenario and each of its components, it makes it slightly challenging to tell exactly what is wrong but what I mentioned hopefully is of some help.



Thanks for the response @Nathan_Kind Its not an empty cell issue, its that it randomly stops pulling all data. None of the data shows up in Row Values (usually there would be the Date Column A, etc but it is all just blank). I reordered one of the columns since making my post and it showed up briefly, then disappeared again

Can anyone help? Google sheets data is not refreshing seems to be the issue here

Make support said the problem is that the webhooks update sometimes, other times not so its a sheets issue and to check the logs on google sheets but didnt say how to do it. Anyone know how?

"This could be due to the type of updates you are making in the Sheet, or maybe due to the column being updated. If you want to check why it is sometimes triggered empty, I would recommend checking with Google support.

To avoid errors in your scenario, I would recommend adding a filter so only if there is a task name in Column E, the ClickUp module will run, like this:"

Id like this session to only update when column D “Client Confirmed” is changed to “Yes”