Watch changes and webhooks not working in Sheets/Forms

Tried everything to sort this out. Incognito mode, different Google accounts.
Cannot get a webhook to connect.

Trying to have data sent to via webhook when a form is filled out.

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Hello Brandon,

Welcome to the make community. It’s likely that the issue you’re experiencing is a connection issue.

When inputing the form ID (or sheet ID)

The Id can be found on the form / sheet url immediately following the “/d/”

One other thing to note about the watch changes modules. They “poll” the resource (google sheets or forms) looking for changes. You have to manually set how often the automation will poll, and the maximum number of records to process. For instance, I I set my automation to run every 15 minutes, and set the “limit” to 1. If I had 4 form responses, they would take an hour to be processed through the automation.

I hope this helps!