Google Sheets Webhook is not working

Hi, I have developed an automation that grabs information from Google Sheets and search and update a Notion item. I used to have it with Watch new rows but I wanted to change it for Watch changes. The problem I encounter is that is not working properly my webhook. I have tried many things such as creating a new one but it doesnt work and return 0 output, can someone help me? I have also read that we can use App Scripts, someone has the script for it?

I have read that if is a Sheet is connect to a Form, there could be problems. My file is connected to a form, but in another sheet is ok?


If clicking Save does not work, please try the steps again in an Incognito browser window, preferably Chrome (Specifically for Mac) and ensure changes are done manually by users, per help doc only manual changes are designed to be captured.

Hope this points you in the right direction, Thanks.