Google Worksheet Question - How do I connect my Google Sheets via webhook?


I would like to connect a google sheets to be the lead point in my scenario. What I was looking to do was have it a cell where i can paste an article which will then be sent to my openAI module. Issue that I am having is that the google sheets is not connecting even with webhooks.

I was told by a buddy that this is typical with gmail accounts attached to the Google sheet. If i had a workspace account (which I do, this would be easier) is there any truth to this?

If so would appreciate some help on this one.

The “Watch Changes” module need to have the Sheets add-on installed and configured on the sheet, as it involves a webhook.

See Connecting Instant Triggers (Perform a Function, Watch Changes) using the Make Google Sheets Add-on


The problem I am having is it is not saving it. I created the connection to this specific Google account which is a workspace for a business but it wont even let me save the webhook url.

Verified that it is the same account in connection, module and google sheet.