QBO Deposit

Hey, I’m pretty decent with Make, but terrible at accounting!

I’m trying to streamline my credit card deposits. I have an email that comes in from my processor nighty. I have Make successfully reading the email, finding the correct customer, and identifying payments that were paid.

But I’m getting an error every time I try to make a deposit. The documentation around this isn’t very clear, but here are the outputs of the payment search:

Here’s my setup (thought I’ve tried various combinations to no avail):

Finally, here’s the payment in QBO that I’m trying to deposit:

It’s all working except for this last module… I really want to be able to “link” these so my payments can clear undeposited funds, but I keep getting a ValidationFault that the transaction cannot be applied. Any ides?

Has anyone successfully strung these together before? Im I missing something?

Thanks for the assist!