QBO Limitations with Projects

Hi, folks! Would love any input on my QBO issue.

Current Situation:
I have a “Financials” board in monday.com that uses Make to connect to Quickbooks Online. Each item in monday.com represents a QBO project and subitems are expenses/income line items related to the QBO project. The monday.com parent item has “Expenses” and “Paid to Date” columns which are updated via a Make scenario based on the individual subitems.

However, this system is not reliable. Often the information in the Financials board does not align with QBO. I’m looking to approach this differently. The existing Apps Marketplace and Integrations available in monday.com seem to be invoice-focused, where I’m looking to display the expense/income totals.

Here’s what I’d like to happen:
Once per day, the Financials board is updated with the project expenses/income in the parent item for the matching job. The numbers circled in blue below are what I’d like to sync.

Projects aren’t available in the QBO API though they apparently live as sub-customers. I’m not sure exactly what to do with this limitation.

Has anyone been able to do something similar? Are there possible workarounds, apps, integrations that I’m unaware of? Is this a pipedream? What would the API call be?


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@workflow_whiz any luck on posting to QBO Projects via api? I’m looking to do essentially the same thing you are with QBO.

I’ve done a bunch of integrations with QBO, but this is the first time we are trying to post these to a project in QBO…

Would love to understand if you found a solution or potential workaround!


@workflow_whiz I found a workaround.
The ‘projects’ are listed like customers. You can access project information similar to how you can access customer information.

In my case I’m creating invoices to a project, all you have to do is use the customer id which you can get from a ‘search Customers’ module. You can dynamically substitute the project/customer id that comes back from that module, or in my case I’m always posting to the same project so I just hardcoded the id in my module.

You can create expenses/income and attach to that ‘customer/project’ in your case. Hope that helps if you haven’t yet figured it out.


Hey @timlittletech happy Friday :wave:

Thanks a lot for circling back to the thread and sharing the workaround with us! Your input is super helpful and greatly appreciated!

@workflow_whiz I just wanted to bring your attention to the solution suggested by Tim. Do you think it could be useful in your situation too? Feel free to share your thoughts or any updates you have.

@timlittletech @Michaela So glad a workaround was found! My client decided to stop pursuing this feature but I will definitely keep the solution in mind if similar projects arise :slight_smile:

Thanks so much for getting back to us with the update! :pray:

Even though your client won’t be utilizing the feature, it’s great that you’re aware of the workaround and can leverage it for future projects. :blush: