Board Dependency Mapping

I was able to use Make to create a scenario that when an item is created in the High Level Project Board, a new group in the low level board with items/sub items when an item is created. I’d also like to automate the dependency between the High Level Board item and the Low Level Group items. I looked at a few examples but still couldn’t achieve it yet.

Hi @x_kiki_x

To connect High Level board with low level board. Please try the below steps.

  1. Aggregate the created group items using text aggregator with coma separated.
  2. Use the aggregated data in the connection column using split function (To make array)

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Hi @Msquare_Automation

Thank you for the insights. I’d appreciate a bit more details as I am new to Make. When following the 2nd step, I ran into an issue that I don’t see the “Link to column” option…