Mapping Dependencies from Templates

I have a board that holds group templates - let’s call this Source Board. In the Source Board, some items have dependencies. Through other automations, the specific group is duplicated to the Target Board.

However, I am not sure how to map the dependencies from the Source Board to the new group using the pre-built modules. The module “Update Column Values of a Specific Item” doesn’t seen to recognize the “dependent_on” column ID.

I’m pretty sure I need to do this by executing a GraphQL Query? I would appreciate some advice to point me in the right direction or to work with someone to set this up.

Here’s how the end state would ultimately function:

Group 1
Item A
Item B - Depends on Item A
Item C - Depends on Item B

Group 1 (copy)
Item A (copy)
Item B (copy) - Depends on Item A (copy)
Item C (copy) - Depends on Item B (copy)

Thank you!

Hi @workflow_whiz

To solve your issue, please check the below loom.

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Hi @Msquare_Automation,

I am new to Make and thought your solution might work for me. I saw you mapped event ID in the “Get an Item” module, I wonder if that variable is a customized one and only the paid plan has it? I currently have a free plan. Thank you.

Hi @x_kiki_x

The “Obtain an Item” module is accessible to users on all plans, including the free plan. There are no longer any module restrictions on the free plan.