Dependency Automation

I’m trying to create a scenario that will add dependencies on my board items. I’d like to take the existing information from the text8 (Dependent on Import) column and update the dependency column with the information.

I’m thinking something like this…

  1. Trigger via webhook
  2. Use a GraphQL Query to retrieve data in the “Dependent on Import” column for the items in the same group that triggered the webhook.
  3. Use a GraphQL Query to update the Dependent On (dependency) column for all items in the group

Here’s my first query…

query {
boards (ids: {{7.boardId}}) {
groups (ids: {{7.groupId}}) {
items {
column_values (ids: [text8]) {

Where do I need to go from here?

I think you should hold off using Monday until the Monday GraphQL issue is fixed first:

Hi @vyavasthapak,

What module allows json to create the list of updates?

This user may not be able to answer you correctly because their response was AI-generated, and is not really helpful in answering your actual question.

You cannot use AI like ChatGPT to answer questions on this forum, because AI has no knowledge of Make’s capabilities, functions, apps, and modules.

Can you help @samliew?

Hi @Robert_Hutchison

We can’t directly fetch data from the dependency column. To get dependency data, use the ‘Get an Item’ module with the associated item.



@Msquare_Automation I’m trying to fetch data from a text column (Dependent on Import) and input it into the dependency column. Are you aware of how to do that? I appreciate your help!


Please check the below loom for clear understanding.

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