Problem with modules changing to new API version

I’m hoping this is a very temporary issue, and I doubt anyone at Make will see this in time to make any difference, but it’s worth a try…

With the API changing to the new version today (Jan 15), the modules on my existing scenarios are not adding the version into the header, despite using the new version code.

I created a new scenario and added the same module and it does include the version in the header.

Existing scenario with error:

New scenario works fine:

I presume this will be a non-issue at whatever time change over their default version, but it’s already the 15th here and it’s Monday morning and I have a whole heap of scenarios not working that really need to be right now.


I’d see this seems like a pretty huge issue that Make has caused tons of my Monday scenarios aren’t working now, and we are going to have to wait probably another 15-20 hours before this even gets closely even as possibly looked at by the Make team…

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As a short term solution can we get the old version to work again, I have enabled the one month extension in my monday labs account but it’s still throwing up errors in alot of my Monday modules

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Almost all of our modules have failed. Simple modules like Get an Item - will not work - and with the modules (such as update a column value) - fail within the setup - cannot load item data (see screenshot).

I feel we are completely at Make and Monday’s control here - cannot see a workaround solution.


We are having the same issue, I’m wondering if make has not rolled out the changes yet seeing as though its not yet the 15th of Jan in some parts of the world. Seems like a major oversight. We’re in limbo, with a non-functional platform right now.

Same - Our whole business process is run through Make and Monday. Hopefully this will self rectify within a day - but I am sceptical.

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The new API has quite a few changes as well as with how the data is returned, so I suspect that Make can’t simply just update the version and that fixes everything, I would have imagined there would have been a whole new set of modules for the new version of Monday, which should have probably been rolled out at least 3 months ago.

But if Make can get it to work without us needing to change the existing modules, I guess I can contend with this massive issue

Not a Monday issue I believe, since i have pretty critical scenarios I have been getting around at the moment with using the Make an API module (advanced settings choose the latest API version) and that seems to be working fine. It is painstakingly hard to setup though

According to this message here we shouldnt need to do anything to our modules except any “Execute a GraphQL Query” Modules.

Ohh that does seem promising! Hopefully it’s just the timezone issue then and this gets resolved in a couple of hours!

True, it’s not Mondays issue, I just can’t understand why they would implement such a fundamental change with limited time over the holiday period. Surely a go live date in March or April, would have been better. Anyway, let’s hope the Timezone alignment helps. On our tests pre-Xmas, we had some issues with the lookup value modules and our GraphQL modules but everything else seemed to have worked.

There is a one month extension you can enable in labs, but even enabling that hasn’t fixed the issue for me, which seems odd

Can everyone mention what modules (if not stated below or in a later response) have stopped working for them or are giving errors?

Figure this would make it easier for us to know what to look for

Modules affected so far are:
-Search items in the Board by Column Values
-List Group Items
-Get an Item
-Update Column values of a specific item (no longer is showing checkbox columns)


Hi all, Make already changed the code to the new API, the issue is that the modules are not sending through the new version number with the query. Without the version number being explicitly set to the new version, Monday is assuming it’s still the old version, which it isn’t, so it throws an error.

I think Monday will change the default version some time today and it should all start working again. But when that will happen is anybody’s guess.

Make have still stuffed something up here, because if you use the exact same module in a new scenario, it does send the version number with it. Why it’s working right in new scenarios and not old is the issue Make need to look into, if not for this current problem, but for next time an API changes.


If you search for “Integromat DevTool”, you can add a browser extension that lets you see the exact code being sent by Make modules. That’s what my screenshots at the start of the thread are from.

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Hello there!

I tried also the extension, no change on my side, still the issue

Hello there!

On my side I tried by creating new scenarios, but still the same issue:

  • with “Get an item”
  • with “List Board’s Items”

I tried it on new scenarios and it’s not working for me.

It seems to be an intermittent issue, not working more often than not. The one month extension with Monday won’t help because Make is already sending the new version code - most of the time it’s just not telling Monday that it’s the new version.

I also have production scenarios breaking. So far, the following are not working:

  • Monday List Items
  • Monday Search Items by Column Values