"Get Items" List Board's Item" Modules Blocked Due to Nov 2023-10

Hello everyone,

As communicated, changed their DB since earlier tonight, 16th January.

As handle by the team (thank you very much for your effort and communication on the forum!), only " The only module that should have been affected by this change was Execute a GraphQL Query ."

However my modules “Get an item” or “List Board’s Item” are not working anymore. The query get through with a “200”, however, none of the fields/columns are found anymore. (Making sense, as Monday have changed how to look in their columns)

Can you help please? Do you have more info!
Thanks in advance,

Everyone is experiencing this issue suddenly due to changes on Monday’s end. Please try to search before posting, and avoid creating new threads for the same issue as it fragments the discussion.

Also, for quicker assistance with bugs and technical problems, you may want to contact support directly. The more users contact support, the more likely it will get prioritised.

See the main thread below:-


Hello @Flo

Thank you very much for flagging this here in the community.

Our development team is investigating this issue with the highest priority. Although a solution hasn’t been found yet, I’m closing this thread so that we can all communicate in one place. That’s also where I’ll be posting updates.

(Also, special thanks to @samliew for sharing the main thread here :pray: )

I sincerely apologize for any frustration, trouble, and inconvenience this has caused you.
Thank you very much for your patience and understanding.

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Hi @Flo

It is better to replace native modules with GraphQL query for board search and Get an Item.

We have just completed the update a few minutes back.

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