Question: What happens to data, that couldn't get through a Datetime-Filter?

Hello dear Make-Community,

my goal is to watch new Rows in Google Sheet (Trigger) and when the Row is “older than X days”, the Data in that row continues the workflow.

To achieve that I setup a filter behind the “Watch Rows”-Trigger that works fine.

BUT my big question is: What happens with the Rows, that doesn’t make it through the filter? Is it lost or checked again in the next Szenario-Run?

Thanks in advance

If you are using a “New items” trigger, the items will only be read once, unless you manually select where to continue from. So, the next time the scenario runs, those items that you didn’t process, will NOT be treated as “new”, so they will no longer appear.

You should use a “Search Rows” module, with a filter for the rows “older than X days” column value instead.