Google sheets trigger watch new rows not taking the next row


I have been working on a make scenario that makes blogs. The scenario uses a spreadsheets content as input for the blogs. The issue here is that the trigger search rows only searches one row.

It needs to search for the next topic and keyword (the next row) after using the first one. So when it ran the first time, the second time it should use the row underneath the first row that it used. Right now it keeps getting the same row.

I hope someone can help me fix this

You’ll need to use a column to store a variable that it has been used, perhaps last used date?

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@samliew thanks for your quick reply. But i dont get what you are saying. Do i need to use a different trigger?

The trigger is fine, you’ll just need to use another module to update a third column with the special now date variable so you can sort by oldest first using the trigger module.

Alternatively, you can just get all the rows, aggregate to an array, and pick a random one.


You will need to adjust your spreadsheet to store information on when a row has been used. And your scenario will need to update that row at the end to make sure once it has processed a row the new column with the information on when a row has been used is populated.

So the flow will look like this

  1. Search rows where the last updated column (use the filter) is empty
  2. select the first row (or random row) from this result
  3. process the data in the spreadsheet row
  4. Update the row selected with the last updated column to be populated with say the {{now}} variable in Make

Now when the scenario runs any rows that have been processed will have a last updated column be set and step 1 will not select these rows in the Search.


like this right?

later in the scenario i added the update a row module that updates the row (selected by the trigger) with the current time - {{now}}

In the operators dropdown you can use the operator not empty I think, I cannot remember. But you have to basically check if there is a value in column C. You can probably use the Text operator “Not equal to” and then use {{emptystring}} in the value for the condition.


I have tried it but the output was 0. bundles. the is empty is not available unfortunately

Sorry I meant you want it to search on Column C to be EQUAL TO {{emptystring}} to grab rows that have not been yet processed.


I tried that, the output was the same. Or should it be case insensitive?

show what your spreadsheet looks like please?


Try the basic operator “Does not exist”


You are amazing, thanks a lot!