Issue with Capturing Multiple New Rows with Google Sheets Watch module


I am experiencing an issue with one of my scenarios on Here is the situation:

  1. I have a scenario (Scenario 1) that adds multiple rows to a spreadsheet at once.
  2. I have another scenario (Scenario 2) that runs once a day, looks for new rows in the spreadsheet, and executes based on these new rows.

The problem is that when Scenario 1 adds multiple rows at the same time, Scenario 2 only captures the last new row that was added. I need Scenario 2 to capture and process all the new rows that were added.

How can this issue be managed?

Scenario 1:

Scenario 2:

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In your second scenario’s “Watch New Rows” trigger module, you need to set a high limit to ensure all the day’s rows are captured, e.g.: 3000 instead of 5

This setting can be found in the Show Advanced Settings toggle.

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