Quick Question: Is Integromat Having any issue right now?

I have reached out to support, and am in the process of troubleshooting myself,

(Mostly reaching out here incase I missed some news/important info)

:firecracker: Just had some 30+ long running automations (meaning months or years) that throw a few errors but not significant usually.

All Crash out this morning back to back errors.

Some of them are entirely disconnected from each other, dont use the same apps.

  • Twitter → Discord crashed same time as
  • HTTP → sheets → csv → ftp
    **for 1 example. **

Errors Include:

Cannot initialize the scenario because of the reason 'The operation timed out' 
0: Client is closed
The operation timed out
Cannot initialize the scenario because of the reason 
'Scenario validation failed – 1 problem(s) found.'
Failed to verify connection xxxxxxxxxxx Timeout (control socket)
Timeout (control socket)
Response body is not a valid JSON. Unexpected end of JSON input

Heya @JugaadiTech so sorry to hear about this!

The errors you’re sharing seem tobe related to the connectivity issues Integromat was experiencing a couple of days ago. You can learn more about this on Integromat’s status page → https://status.integromat.com/

:arrow_up: However, I would suggest contacting the support team regarding this. They will be able to investigate the payloads and let you know more about the issue.

Hope this helps and I am so sorry for the trouble caused, Will.

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I’m not getting errors but when testing scenarios by running scenarios once or when I initiate “Run this module only” the entire scenario just hangs like it’s going to time out.