Function 'stringifyColumnValues' finished with error! '{object}' is not a valid date

im facing this notification. we have 2 board with same integrations and workflow but the original one working well, the duplicate with different name get this notif

Ah, I see! You’ve encountered an error notification for a duplicated scenario in Integromat. The original scenario is running smoothly, but the duplicate with a different name has hit a roadblock and stopped with an error. the steps to resolve this issue:
Take a closer look at the error notification you received. It holds the key to unraveling the mystery behind the problem. Look for clues, error codes, and descriptions that will shed light on the issue.
Compare the configurations of the original and duplicated scenarios side by side. Hunt for any variations in module settings, data mappings, or trigger configurations. The tiniest disparity might be causing the hiccup in the duplicated scenario.
Double-check the integration settings within the duplicated scenario. Ensure that the credentials, API keys, or access tokens are set up correctly and are valid for the integrations being used.
If you find that the issue persists or need additional support, it’s time to call in the cavalry! Reach out to Integromat’s support Expert directly.