React to Facebook Page Comments on several posts

Hi there,

I would like to extend the Template “Automatically reply to new Facebook Pages comments”.

  • The template has me pick ONE post that I watch for comments and then automatically answer.

Is there a way to make it watch all my posts and then create an answer? Or lets say the last 20 posts?

I use manychat + make to achieve what you just described. Manychat will reply to all comments on your page. incase you would like to use other modules, API, external data, then make comes in.

Good luck!

Thanks for the tip! Will check it out and see if it scratches my itch!

Would you mind sharing your Make + Manychat Scenario to answer all new incoming comments for a FB Page??

That would be awesome to have a starting point!!

I recommend it has this feature builted-in.

This tool also integrated with

I hope that this helps.