Read the content of a cell from a google sheet every day

Hello I would like to read the content of a cell every day, e.g. day1->read row 1, day2->read row2 etc…
Thanks a lot

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You can certainly reference a different row based on the day of the week.

It looks like you are using Google Sheets, and in the “Get a Cell” module, you can simply use “A” plus the formatDate function with the formatd” to get the day of the week from 0-6, where 0=Sunday.

Then, you’ll need to add 1 because your rows start from 1. For that use the sum function.





Thank you so much it is really hlepful, I have an additional question. How should I use dateformat to retrieve the week of the year ? Instead retrieving the day of the week I would like to retrieve the week of the year. any suggestion ?

Many thanks in advance.

Actually i am looking for something similar =WEEKNUM() in excel

According to the Tokens you can use to format a date variable, you can use w or ww.

e.g.: formatDate({{now}};w)


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So many thanks, I take a note for the future, Have a good day.