Read the value from a Bundle with arrays with collections

I’ve been trying all day but can’t figure it out. It is a form from Cognito Forms and only needs to get the value from all entry IDs. I can’t do it :frowning:

To get all the ‘Id’ fields from for example BillardKickerDart array, you would do this:


If you wanted to get every single ‘Id’ field from all of these arrays (or certain arrays), you need to first make sure they have compatible data structures, do they all have a key = Id?

If so, merge all of the arrays that you want merge(BillardKickerDart;Heizen…) then do the same map function as above but replace the array with your merge IML.

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Many thanks for the help. This works great!
Do you have any other tips for me as to what I would have to do if the names of the arrays changed or arrays were added?

  1. Can I access the arrays via an index? Loop query array 1-x

  2. I query the index using keys, would then have the name of the array and try to query the correct array with the name?

  3. Create a Json text and search regex for the id…

I got all three things working, but I’m not really getting anywhere… maybe you have another tip?