Receive an image from Telegram to Notion

My scenario is simple:
send an image from Telegram to a Notion page. However, I don’t know how to map the image from Telegram.

It’s not like the Google Drive module (upload) that automatically detects image files.

How can Notion read the file?



Map the Image URL from the Telegram: watch update module.

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Sorry, I dont get it…

how to convert from telegram data (photo) to URL


find image url first and open this in new tab of your browser if its right image you want just put this url to here … in image field.
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What you can do is, if you are getting a raw file from Telegram, first upload it to Google Drive and then use the URL that you obtain from there in your Notion Module.

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yup, my question is “how to general image URL from telegram download module?”


This is a temporary solution that I am using, which will incur an additional 2 operating costs.

I think before, taht I can take an image URL directly from Telegram. :slight_smile:

Not that familiar with Telegram, so I am not sure if you can get the URL from Telegram BOT unless you have a custom bot that I can trigger a script to do so.

For, Now Uploading somewhere and then getting the URL is the only way forward for this.

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