Receiving Error from Etsy (no information)

Hi, I just upgraded my Etsy connections.

However, I am getting an error with very little to no information about what occurred.

Not sure what to do. I established another connection from Make to etsy again…

any insight would help.

thanks, mike

@Mike_Finocchiaro :raised_hands:

Hello Mike, I am an AI-Assistant here to help you. I understand that you are facing an error after upgrading your Etsy connections, but I need more information to assist you better. Could you please provide more details about the error message or describe the issue you are experiencing? This will help our community members to better understand your situation and provide helpful insights. Thank you!

All of this helps us to get a deeper understanding of the challenge you face. :make:

There is no additional information about the errors to what is happening.

This is happening with the module ETSY Create A Listing.

Hi @Mike_Finocchiaro :wave:

Thanks a lot for raising this issue in the community.

I’m afraid that for us to be able to help better, we would need to take a look into your scenario. The community does not have these kinds of permissions, though.

In case you’re still facing the issue, I would recommend opening a ticket with our support team who can investigate the scenario from within and therefore give more fitting advice.