Reddit Image post not working RuntimeError [["BAD_IMAGE","Invalid image URL.","url"]

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    I am making a script to generate blog posts, so far the script is working fine for Linkedin, now I am including Reddit to post as well. The image is GenAI and I uploaded to an S3 bucket and generate a public link to it. Here is an example of an image: 202405221503_62615163.jpg (1024×1024) (

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    So far I have tried with Google Drive and generate a link but still I get the same error (anyway I would want to use AWS S3).

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Error: RuntimeError [[“BAD_IMAGE”,“Invalid image URL.”,“url”]

It appears nobody has solved posting an image post to Reddit yet.

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I had to use a workaround. I used the link post with the image, then I post the text as a comment on that post. It is definitely not ideal.