Reddit - Submit comments to live chats

Hi Guys,

Is it possible to use the Reddit module to add comments to ‘live chat’ threads?

If so what would be used for the Parent Link Fullname [starting with t3_] parameter?

Ive tried a few things, but the API always comes back with a 404.


404 means you’re using an invalid api end point. How about a few screenshots of your scenarios and configuration of each relevant Reddit module?

Thx for the response, I’ve tested the post function which worked fine so it’s not the endpoint.

Issue appears to be with:

What Parent Link Fullname would be used for comments on for instance?


Well if the link name is part of the endpoint then you should know what it is. I’m fairly sure you’re not testing the correct full endpoint url and/or body to get a 404. Once again share your api specs you’re using and the scenario screen shot. Without that it will be difficult to help your specific context.

There isn’t much more I can provide than the link, the API connection is being made by a group mod which is able to perform the POST function without issue.

How would the above URL be modified to contain: Parent Link Fullname [starting with t3_] parameter?

In the previous posts URL example:


Would be used for the Parent Link Fullname [starting with t3_] parameter for the Reddit module.

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