Refreshing token with Jobber

In a scenario I use an OAuth 2.0 connection and am not sure how to refresh the token. The scenario connects fine during testing but once the token expires I need to manually reauthorize it.

How can I set up the parameters in the connection to Refresh the token?

I have looked at the settings in the connection and see there is an option but can’t get it to work with Jobber.

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Could you go to your connections page


and click the Reauthorize button on the connection?


If there is no refresh/reauthorise option available, then the only way is to use a “Make an OAuth 2.0 request” module, which has Refresh token parameters fields



I can already manually reauthorize as you show in your screenshot. Thank you though.

I need help setting up the refresh token. This link shows Jobbers process.

This screenshot shows where I need to set it up in the connection. Any help would be appreciated.

Hello Shawn,
Im a novice user looking to post clients and requests to jobber with my dev app connected to a user.

If you could share how id appreciate it.

HI @Nate,
Are you looking how to keep the connection alive after 60 minutes?

If so, apparently after help with this is not possible and the only way is to build a custom app in to connect with your custom app in Jobber.
Part of the solution in the custom app is in another thread here.

Good luck and reach out if you have any other questions!


Thanks Shawn I appreciate you taking the time to reply!!
I’m just looking for something basic. I don’t need to keep the connection alive, I just need to be able to post clients, requests, & quotes to jobber.

I have created my app, connected it to my account and authorized the flow. I just Don’t know how to set up authorization or the payload

Hi @Nate ,
Can you show me a couple screenshots of how far you have gotten in Jobber with your app and in your Make in a scenario?

Have you tested any queries yet either inside or outside of Make? Jobber has a GraphiQL area where you can test your queries however it is not as intuitive as for building your queries.

Maybe set up a Question (new topic) and send me the link. I can answer from there.

It turns out using a refresh token is only possible if you build a custom app in to connect with your custom app in Jobber.

Part of the solution in the custom app is in another thread here. .


Hi @Shawn :wave:

I just want to quickly say thanks a lot for stepping back and sharing your findings here for the benefit of the community. Much appreciated :pray: