Relaying Telegram Bot Messages

When using watch updates, list updates, list chats in the Telegram module only user messages are returned, no Telegram bot messages are returned.

Should this be the case, if so are there any workarounds to relay Telegram bot messages to other modules?

This is a limitation set by Telegram itself.

It is stated in the official Bot documentation under the FAQ Section

Why doesn’t my bot see messages from other bots?
Bots talking to each other could potentially get stuck in unwelcome loops. To avoid this, we decided that bots will not be able to see messages from other bots regardless of mode.


@samliew Thanks for the speedy response.

Are there any decent bots to snapshot a picture of a bot message? Spoilt for choice with bots that will generate AI images, but when it comes to a simple snapshot there doesn’t look to be a lot.