Remove <br> or spaces in a text string

I need help removing spaces or new lines in a text string. I’m trying to connect google calendar to Microsoft calendar (it’s coming from a jotform form, they only have google calendar integration, but our company uses Microsoft 365)

I wanted to remove those white lines which are those
since it’s going to format as a new line or space. Thank you!

Hi @ER_Fukuda
You can use html to text converter like this:

Inorder to just remove the <br> tag, just use replace function.

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Thank you for the quick response @Msquare_Automation

If I do that, can I reformat the text? I want to keep some < br > like after the height & weight < br > etc.

Is that possible?

Hi @ER_Fukuda
If you want to keep the other HTML styling intact, it’s best to use the replace function to remove all the <br> tags by replacing them with an empty string. Please note that this will replace all instances of the <br> tags.

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Hi @ER_Fukuda
If you want to remove the extra newline you can try the following method:
replace function:

Input text:


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II tried different ways, but still won’t work

You could try splitting your text by <br> then rejoining them with {{newline}}.
By default, the split() function will not keep blank entries so all the duplicate <br> are basically removed then the remaining one is replaced/converted into a single newline.


Hi @ER_Fukuda
If you could provide the output bundle from Google Calendar, we’ll be able to assist you further.

Here’s the output bundle from google. it has those \ n tags I believe those are the new lines.