Remove graphics from email signatures

I created a Scenario where when I get an email in Gmail, it creates a To Do in Basecamp. It works great! The problem is I get all of the Email Signature text and graphics. I’d like to know how to remove them, if possible.

You could try using a Text Parser module, either “HTML to text” (which may just remove all graphics entirely) or “Match Pattern” to only grab parts of the message.

Hopefully HTML to text works for you in this case.

With Match Pattern you’ll need to come up with a regular expressions to look for common signature delineators, like “–”, or something like:

  • Thanks,
  • Regards,
  • Best Regards,

If you want all the signature except for the graphics, that’s a different story. You could try a Match Pattern and pull all text except for the final HTML tag.

This one is tricky, but now I am curious so I’m hoping others will jump in with some better suggestions for you!