Rename Module ID

I was curious, as seen in the below-listed picture, I have Module #649 and Module #115. I was wondering if I was to delete Module 115 could I then open the blue print within Visual Studio Code and rename the Sample Module 649 to 115 save and upload the module ID?

Hey Michael,

I would say you can try this but be sure to also change the mappings on the next modules. I mean suppose you have module 115, and then on the next modules, you have mapped some fields from module 115. When you need to remove this by manually editing the variables/module ID in the visual studio, be sure to change the ID of the mappings as well on the next modules now referencing that newly replaced module.


Before: {{115.‘sample_field’}}

Now - newly adjusted, referencing from that newly replaced module: {{649.‘sample_field’}}


Yes, it is possible in Visual Studio Code to change everything and reimport not sure how this will affect the reporting though!