HELP! Remapping Dozens of Labels

I really need some high level community help on the following scenario. So that we are on the same page here is a quick overview of

Item Label = Subject

I need help remapping dozens of Item Labels spread across multiple scenarios. For example, I would like to change to change the field name:

Client ID Number > to > ID, I wish the API would have included numerical values that way when the displayed names are changed it does not matter.

  1. How would I find every scenario that the above listed label is used in?

@samliew recommended the following:

You can try something like this -

“Fetch all scenarios > Get blueprint JSON > Replace variable in in Blueprint’s JSON > Update scenario”

This could work for one scenario! However, if I updated the source field names (where the fields are coming from) wouldn’t other scenarios refresh and delete the other item labels as they are no longer found. Or if I didn’t update the source field names (where the fields are coming from) wouldn’t the scenarios on refresh make the names I just changed fall off the module as they are not found to be valid within the source?

Could I some how take the field names for each source for example:

CRM Software, with the following field names:

Client ID and make them = 1
First Name and make it = 2
Last Name and make it = 3

then slowly rename the Field Names & Field Values to match the numbers. I am just lost at this point on how to do this as my personal best option is to export all of the scenarios into blueprints and upload int Visual Studios Code and try to edit them all and hope things do not get screwed up which I know they will get messed up!