Repetitive Email Sending: Gmail, Google shett and openAI Automation Issues

Hi, I need help. I’ve created a basic scenario where I use Google Sheets, OpenAI, and Gmail.

The goal is that when a row is updated, OpenAI takes the fields to create an email and send it via Gmail.

When I test it, everything seems fine, but after every minute, the email is sent again to everyone… I don’t understand why this is happening, and honestly, I have no idea why it’s happening…

Hi @Harrison

For process new row, please try to follow the below steps.

  1. Increase the limit inside the module.
  2. Run the module with all (Right click the module and choose where to start option to all)

3.After process all the exist save and turn on the scenario.

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Thank you, this help with the solution. The main change was modified the trigger time for schedule settings every 5 minutes and run once.