Sending custom GPT drafted email in gmail

Hey guys,

I have been trying to get an automation set up which triggers when a new row is added to a sheet, (this is added by a form being completed)(I’m considering using the form trigger but thought this set up would be simpler)

This added data gets run trough GPT to create a hyper personalised email, from there the email GPT created get placed into a new sheet, which then leads to the final step which is sending the custom email in Gmail.

Several Malfunctions

  • I cant pull the newly updated data from the sheet ( the GPT output) as all i have are these options
  • secondly The formatting of the email is a mess, it is all just one line, I have learned I need to use HTML format however it is one string so where do I place this?
    -Lastly can I make an API call to Flodesk to send this email with a much nicer design?

Thanks for any ideas

Hello @Thomasvned,

To address this, data was pushed into Google Sheets from the OpenAI module.
To access this data in the GMail module, just map it from the OpenAI module.

As for the HTML formatting, maybe you can run the output through OpenAI again and ask for HTML?