Replaying a module for multiple bundles

I am trying to create a scenario when a person is assigned to multiple tasks in a specified list. The app I am working with is ClickUp.

My scenario is set up to;

  1. Watch for changes in a task in a specified list in a specified space
  2. When the change happens, get the task details
  3. In the task, there is a custom field with a folder ID, I then get that folder
  4. In that folder, I then get a list
  5. The next step is then to bulk assign the person depending on the custom field that was changed in step 1
  6. I then have a router set up so depending on the custom field that was chosen, I get all the tasks in the list with that custom field and then assign all tasks with that custom field with the chosen assignee

When I originally tested this, I successfully listed the filtered tasks. All tasks with that custom field showed up. There were multiple bundles in the output. The next step was to edit the task(s) and change the assignee. I was able to do this successfully for each bundle.

Now all of a sudden, it’s not working and only processing the change for one bundle. I can not get it to work, AT ALL!

I want to make sure that if more than one task has been identified, all tasks are assigned.

Double-check the filters to see why other tasks didn’t pass through the filter and then you can update the filter to be sure all tasks that has to be processed will pass the filter.