Reporting system - Google slides

Hi everyone !

I want to create a reporting automation that will:

  • Import data from HubSpot, including:
    • Quotes created and sent
    • Quotes signed
    • Contracts created and sent
    • Contracts signed
    • Calls, emails, appointments set and made by each salesperson
  • Calculate metrics, including:
    • Revenue generated by each salesperson and overall
    • Average deal size
    • Conversion rate by month, semestre
  • Export results to Google Slides :
  • Send the presentation by email to a distribution list, every monday and at the end of each month and the end of each semestre.
  • Send an email with some data from each salesperson to the head of sales and CEO, every monday and at the end of each month and the end of each semestre.
  • Send a Slack message with the ranking of salespeople by revenue generated, every friday.


I am a sales manager for an agency. I want to create a reporting automation that will help me track the performance of my sales team. The automation will provide me with a weekly, monthly, and quarterly report that includes the data I need to make informed decisions about my team.

Additional details:

The presentation will be formatted using a template that I have already created. The email will include a brief summary of the report and a link to the presentation. The Slack message will include the ranking of salespeople, as well as the total revenue generated by each salesperson.

I am confident that this automation will be a valuable tool for me and my team. And i want to learn to do it, so if you have any tips and tricks, guides, I’ll take everything !

I did something similar recently but with a different CRM.

The best way to do it is to take this entire data to an analytics platform like Zoho Analytics or Google Looker Studio. From there you can either generate the automated report or bridge that data into Google Slides using Make automation scenario.

Here is one example report that I created using Zoho Analytics:

Campaigns_Performance_Overview_Facebook_Ads-Brisk_New_Ad_Account_ (1).pdf (441.7 KB)

Oh i see !

For starts, thank you for your response ! So the process would be that Google Looker Studio would constantly gather the data from Hubspot and then i can create a link between Google Looker Studio and Google Slides to automate the presentation creation.
Is this it or did i understand it wrong ?
And do you think that it would be possible to use that data to automate an email and a slack message ?

Yes you got it right, however the complexity of this entire automation depends on the report structure you want to produce in Google Slides

It will mainly be a few slides where each slide’s gonna be for one of the data type i want to show (in form of a graph with each column is for a salesperson)
But i cannot seem to find the Google Looker Studio app in Make though

That has to be connected using API calls through HTTP module

Oh okay, It would be really awesome if you could walk me through an example of this, just so I understand how it works :innocent: