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I am using to auto generate client insight reports for bus dev, including an overview, their partners/competitors/suppliers, their IT landscape, events the company are attending, applicable solutions from my company, and stakeholders.

I would like a list of individuals who work at ‘X’ company, including their name, position, time spent in company, email address, and LinkedIn URL. Currently, I have been using LinkedIn Sales Navigator, and EvaBoot to complete this, but is there a way it could be automated by Make?

Ideally, I would then run the list of names, alongside the list of applicable services we offer, to match stakeholders to solutions, and then auto-generate emails.

Many thanks for your help

Have you searched the Make app directory for apps for LinkedIn Sales navigator or EvaBoot? If there are existing apps this process should be possible.

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Hello, Yes I have looked through the directory. Unfortunately no results for either

Then you’ll have to resort to calling the api directly with http calls.

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