[REQUEST] Scenario Specific Table/Data Store

There are cases where using the switch() function is good for small use cases but problematic when managing many variables and the data store is overkill.

I hate wasting my data store limit of 1MB when I might be storing 30 or so static values. Here’s my suggestion to have an extra tab to the scenario area, that will allow us to create 1 data store/table that can only be used within that scenario. I’m happy for that table/data store to have a max limit of 1MB, but it shouldn’t impact the MB storage quota that applies to data stores.

It should be a new module (perhaps called Table) that works very similar to the data store.

What do you guys think?

You can even hard-code your static values in a Parse JSON module, if you’re more comfortable with that.

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How would you do a lookup? Using the map() function?

It depends. Can you provide an example/sample scenario of what you need to do?

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If you have access to custom variables you can also use that to store persistent data to be used in the scenario. These are available on the Pro plan or higher I believe. There are Team variables available as well on the Teams plan that let’s you store a set of custom variables at the team level available to all scenarios in that team.

On Pro plans or higher scenario inputs are also available to be used for on-demand execution of a scenario, this allows you to enter the necessary data to start a scenario using a form input. These can be executed via a separate scenario which includes a Make “Run a scenario” module using the Make app and dynamically enter the necessary data to pre-fill the scenario inputs during execution.