Resolve Redirect URI Mismatch between Make and Salesforce

I have tried to setup a connection between and Salesforce, using the documentation available from

However, when entering the consumer key and secret in from the Salesforce connected app, I get the error error=redirect_uri_mismatch&error_description=redirect_uri%20must%20match%20configuration .

I am using the callback URL in the connected app, as described in the documentation, but is this still up to date?

We have had one report of a similar problem, but it’s working fine using that callback URL for all other users as far as we’re aware.

It’s possible that this is an unusual edge case … could you log this with our support desk at ?

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Hi David,

I have logged case #610687 for this, perhaps that is also the report you are referring to. :slight_smile: So far I haven’t found any clear answer online yet, other than just using the correct URL, hence my query.

The problem has been resolved via case 610687, the cause was that a / was missing at the end of the URL.
The working callback URL is .

Hello @ryangout happy Friday :wave:

Thank you so much for jumping back into this topic and letting us know how you managed to resolve the matter. We truly appreciate that :pray:

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