403 forbidden when sending outbound message to webhook


I’m newly returning to Make since being absent from Integromat for a couple years. My first task is to establish a connection with Salesforce and trigger a webhook on the User object when an outbound message is received from Salesforce.

I’ve generated the API key and secret.

The Connected App is configured per the attached image:

When I create the connection from within Make, I make the following selections (key and secret masked):

When I click Save, I get this error:

I suspect that I’ve missed something, but I’m unable to what it might be. I appreciate any guidance.

Hi @RevOps1

It may be that your callback url is wrong.
The correct callback url should be (Note the trailing slash)



Thanks @Harsh
I’ve edited the callback URL to include the trailing forward slash, but it hasn’t corrected the issue.
Are there any other causes for this that you can think of?

Hi @RevOps1,

You should open a support ticket, sometimes there is a mismatch between the documentation and the programs.



Thanks @Philippe_Billet. Will do.