Webhook (403) Forbidden

Hello community!
I use a scenario to send invoices from Salesforce to Make then to Zoho Books using a webhook as a trigger as it’s instant (vs everything else within Salesforce which is timed).
My issue is that in the last 24 hours, the webhooks (called Outbound messages within Salesforce) and failing with the error of (403)Forbidden.

Nothing has changed within Salesforce, and I see within the Make status, there was some work being conducted with Webhooks, so I’m wondering if anyone else is having the same difficulty?


I can confirm I am now having the same issue.

Did you get this resolved? If so how.

I am wondering is this is related to make.com defending their DDOS attack?

exactly the same scenario with us. I have just logged a support call with make.

We’re still having the same issue.
I’ve tried setting up a new webhook (as suggested by Make) however this hasn’t solve the issue.
They have asked me to get in touch with Salesforce support.

Awesome @csteddy if you could let us know if you get this resolved, I’d be really appreciative.


Heya everyone, so sorry for the headache this is giving you.

Just a note here: I asked around and we don’t seem to be experiencing any issues with Salesforce. We set up a testing webhook and the Custom Webhook processed it. Here’s a video documenting the test

It seems that everything is working on our end.

The issue definitely still persists and is correlated across different users

When you did your test, what IP was this sent from? The issue is almost certainly an IP issue.

I can access my same webhook from a different IP no problem. I can also use the same outbound message in salesforce to hit a test endpoint and successfully receive data from salesforce at the test endpoint. When I try to send from salesforce to make with IP make.com sends back a 403

This is very problematic, can we get someone live to troubleshoot?

It seems as though at 12:08 EST I just received my 1st webhook after nothing for 3 days.

I have tested and it is now working for 2 different webhooks.

I am hoping this is now resolved.

@JFICM It seems like it’s just started working for me as well.
All back to normal!

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It seems to be resolved now. This is the response that I just got from Make.

“I just got information from my dev colleague that we had blocked some webhooks after the DDOS attack but we’ve made some configuration tweaks to the firewall rules and there should be no more blocked webhooks.”

Alrighty, so another update here.

After we tested this we contacted our devs who reviewed the issue and made some configuration tweaks to the firewall rules. Just like @csteddy is saying.

All should be back to normal now, sorry for the confusion and thanks so much for your patience :pray: