Retrieving a collection from deeply nested arrays from trello HTTP request


I have seen similar questions to this but due to my lack of experience I have been unable to get those specific solutions to work in my case.

I am trying to get a card nested within the data array, the collection is number 55, I can see that the data is there but when I try and use the variables on the next module its obviously too deep within the bundle to get the data without using more complex methods which I don’t know how to do at the moment.

I am trying to extra the due date of a specific card on my trello board, which is located in the last list on the board. I have tried using iterators, but this ended up with the same results whereby the collections were still too nested for me to get the data I wanted.

I have also tried ‘toCollection’ but I don’t think I am using it correctly, any help on how to achieve this or if you need me to provide further information in order for you to assist let me know.

the scenario currently uses webhooks and HTTP requests to interact with the trello API.

It watches for cards moved to a list on a specific board, when the card is moved into the list it creates a board named the same as the card name from a template;

then I would like to extract a specific card (called: due date for show) on the newly created board and change its due date to the due date on the card that was originally moved into the list the triggered the board creation (as this is the ‘Show’ card with its due date already on).

I will include the bundle output and some screenshots.

Screenshot 2024-01-08 at 09.55.14

bundleoutp.json (176.5 KB)


Hi Josh,

the mapping window will only show 1 item from the array for easier mapping, but afterwards you can put the orderindex of the item you want to map that one specifically. So if it will always be the 55th item you can use that.

If the position will vary, then you can use a get(map() formula combo to find the one you want.


You can either:

  • use an Iterator to iterate the data, then add a filter to only retrieve the items you want, or

  • use the built-in function map and get


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Thank you both. I went with the 2nd solution as I am not fully absorbed into the formula methods as of yet.