Retrieving values from deeply nested collections

Make noob here – moving over from Zapier. I am having trouble with highly nested collections where I want to retrieve data into a variable. I am using the Set Variable tool but not sure how to use the map or get formulas when needing to go down a few layers.

For example, I would like a variable called “Client Address” to have the value of “Value” under Field ID 4088061. And I would like a variable called “First Time” to have the value of “Value” under Field ID 5035053. The Field IDs are consistent across all records.

The formula I have tried is {{map(3.forms; “value”; “fieldID”; 5035053)}} and it returns empty.


This is much more complex than one appreciates. The forms array as collections inside so you’ll need to iterate the array first to extract in each collection the objects you want. Make a new array with these with an array aggregator and only then use the map() function on the new array you created with that values you need.

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