Retrieving number of rows on Google Sheets


I’m currently creating a scenario that searches all the rows on a sheet and retrieves the number of rows on that particular sheet, then sends it via email.
However, I’ve found this near impossible to do so I’ve come to the community.

Retrieving the ‘Row Number’ and sending it via email means that the emails are sent repeatedly, however, I only want the email to be sent once with a single number.

Any ideas?

Hey @Diya

At the end, before the Gmail module you can add an “Aggregator”. This aggregator will add all the values which are found in the Google Sheets in an array, and then this can be used all in one within the Gmail module.
When you select the source, use the Google Sheets search row source which outputs all the rows.

Hope this helps you. Let me know if you have more questions.

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@Diya you only need the row-number?

Then I might suggest another solution. Use some excel formula on another Sheet within that Spreadsheet to display the row number in one cell all the time. Then just use the Module “Get Call Value” or “Get Range Values” in Make and take your workflow from there :slight_smile: