Retrying incomplete executions via the API

Hey all,

We have many Incomplete Executions, can they be retried via the API?]

The API documentation:

Fetching the scenarios:

Fetching the DLQS:

We can manually click on each Incomplete Execution in the browser and play it to run again, so there must be a way to redo that execution, but is it available via the API?


No unfortunately you cannot return them from the API. Only from the incomplete execution page.

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Unfortunately, it is not available. You can only list the incomplete execution using the endpoint “List scenario incomplete executions”. For more details, refer to the below link:

You can also submit this feature request to the request system at the link below.

Make regularly review this list about the number of voters and their plans (monthly payments), and approved requirements with the highest ratings are passed to the dev team.

You will also get a notification if the feature is added in the future.

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